How to Use MXF files in VirtualDub

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This article discusses how to open MXF videos in VirtualDub freely. Keep reading.

VirtualDub on its own sadly doesn’t support many popular codecs and formats. So what to do if you wanna import MXF videos to VirtualDub? Fortunately, many persons offer their own solutions in VirtualDub forum. Want to open MXF files in VirtualDubwithout any issue? Keep reading this article.

In fact, with the help of Virtualdub FFMpeg Input Plugin, you can open your favorite mxf, mp4 or mkv (and many many others) in VirtualDub. Simply download the plugin, copy the contents of the zipfile in your main folder of VirtualDub and (re)launch VirtualDub and you’ll be good to go! However, the problem is that it is not so stable.

“Hi, I download and run Virtualdub FFMpeg Input Plugin on my PC to import the MXF videos into VirtualDub. The program crashed all the time. God knows me how many times I tried. Much frustrated! Do you know another way to import MXF clips to VirtualDub? Or do I need to convert?”

After countless tests, I finally chose to encode MXF to AVI for editing MXF videos in VirtualDub. The process is much simpler than any plugin. If you also wanna get a fluent workflow of MXF footage in VirtualDub, I can definitely give you some clues.

First download Brorsoft MXF Converter

With it, you can convert all HD MXF or 4K MXF from Canon/Panasonic/Sony camcorders and exported from other editing softwares to VirtualDub supported AVI format. Moreover, it also offers the optimized codecs for other NLEs, such as Apple ProRes for FCP, DNxHD for Avid, MPEG-2 for Premiere/Vegas .etc. Now, download the software on PC and follow the guide below to start conversion.

How to Load MXF files to VirtualDub

Step One: Click “Add” button to import MXF files to the program. Or you can directly drag&drop the MXF files to the program directly.

Step Two: Go to “Format-Common Video” drop-down list and select AVI as the output format. You can also define the parameters of output on “Settings” option before conversion.

Step Three: Tap the “Convert” button to start transcoding MXF to AVI for VirtualDub.

After conversion, you will get the generated .avi videos under “Open” panel. Now, you can transfer the converted MXF clips into VirtualDub for editing smoothly.

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