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XAVC to YouTube: Upload XAVC MXF videos to YouTube

Wanna upload outstanding XAVC videos to YouTube for sharing. This article will teach you how to share XAVC videos in YouTube panel. “Hello, I am contemplating purchasing a 4K camera… Read more »

Playing/Sharing Your C300 II 4K MXF files with YouTube

Want to watch Canon Mark II 4K XF-AVC MXF footage easily through YouTube? This article provides you a detailed tutorial to do this. Source From: Upload C300 II 4k MXF… Read more »

Uploading/Converting 4K/1080P MXF to YouTube in FLV/AVI/3GP

As you can see on the subtitle, in the following tutorial, let me show you how to upload your MXF videos (4k/1080p XF-AVC MXF/P2 MXF) on YouTube for nice sharing… Read more »